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What Are You, Lou?

Picture book coming May 21, 2024 from Beaming Books. 

Available now for pre-order from: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Your identity is more than just one word or label.

When Lou, a fluffy-tailed, giant-eared, colorful animal, is asked by the other animals to define himself, he isn't able to give a one-word answer. Lou isn't a lemur. Or a snake. Or an armadillo. Lonely and confused, Lou runs away from that dreaded, repetitive question: "What are you, Lou?" But when his atypical traits save him during a frightening encounter in the jungle, Lou realizes he doesn't need to fit into one box. He's Lou, and that's what matters most.

Inclusive and affirming, What Are You, Lou? champions diverse identities and encourages readers to embrace the unique mark they leave on the world.


Lou's journey to self-acceptance will resonate with readers whose identities lie outside of society's supposed norms. This book celebrates standing out in a world that is constantly trying to box us in.

Backmatter from an established writer and former school counselor provides resources for navigating questions of identity with the child in your life.

The Cassette Tape

A middle grade novel, agented by Katherine Green.

Alex’s therapist called them “quirks,” but he knows what they really are. They’re the difference between being normal and well… needing to turn the doorknob four times before leaving a room or hiding behind lockers so he doesn’t have to talk to another human. He’d gotten used to the stares and even expects them. But what he didn’t expect was a transfer student, dressed all in black with the wildest curls he’d ever seen, to raise her hand and asked to partner with him.  What he thought was a simple school project, turns into finding an old cassette tape containing a desperate plea for help. Together Ida May and Alex are unexpectedly thrown into a mystery to unearth hidden identities and locate treasures dug a little too close to home. In the end, he might just unearth the truth about himself that he never believed was possible.  

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