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"This is a wonderful angle for a simple story of identity and accepting oneself. The whimsical illustrations convey a sense of youthful self-discovery, while the author provides additional notes on how to find out more about a potential new friend without asking rude or intrusive questions."

—School Library Journal

Your identity is more than just one word or label. When Lou, a fluffy-tailed, giant-eared, colorful animal, is asked by the other animals to define himself, he isn't able to give a one-word answer. Lou isn't a lemur. Or a snake. Or an armadillo. Lonely and confused, Lou runs away from that dreaded, repetitive question: "What are you, Lou?"


But when his atypical traits save him during a frightening encounter in the jungle, Lou realizes he doesn't need to fit into one box. He's Lou, and that's what matters most.

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